Daysleeper (ears_of_tin) wrote in jazzlit_ru,

Donald Barthelme - Paradise

Simon was delighted to be fifty-three, lean and aggressive except for his belly which was not lean and aggressive. He was younger than I. M. Pei, younger than Dizzy Gillespie, younger than the Pope.

They went to Sweet Basil and heard Wynton Marsalis. I went with them that night, he played very well, had his brother Branford on tenor.

Simon and Dore sitting in the kitchen. The radio making music.
"They play the best music late at night," Dore said. "When they think nobody's awake."
"That's Keith Jarrett."
"Who's he?"
"Piano player. Very famous."
"What's that funny noise?"
"He kinds of sings when he plays."

He saw The Benny Goodman Story and Silverado, the first with Anne and the second with Dore and Veronica. Dore and Veronica had not heard of Benny Goodman and thus weren't interested; Anne didn't like Westerns.
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